My year in review.

All my success this year is due to listening to that still small voice as it whispered a big idea. Honestly it was frightening. I had finished my first year of selling my work full time and had a little success under my belt. It was scary to think about starting a subscription box company filling monthly boxes with gifts and art to encourage women to put on spiritual things; Joy, Strength, Confidence, Peace, Compassion, and Love.
But I had been dressing myself in spiritual clothing for years and I knew how it had changed me and made me feel confident, lovely, and more like myself. The voice said I could share my secrets of intentionally putting on spiritual things. I had no idea how to do that but the desire to share this spiritual wardrobe won out and 6 months later I was sending boxes filled with handmade, lovingly curated, items each with a specific purpose. I worked to create the content of the boxes so that women would feel special and empowered with beautiful supernatural clothing because thier father wants to gives them good gifts.
What floored me was when I started receiving letters and notes from the women subscribed to my “Clothe” box subscription. They raved about what an inspiration and bright spot the boxes were. Many were in new places in thier lives, fighting hard battles and they told me how the boxes encouraged them and cheered them on. So thank you God the your whispered invitation to join you in a labor of love ❤️. I have a few 6 month subscriptions left to sell before I start work on another quiet whispered idea. May you have the faith to follow those loving 🥰 and terrifying whispers. See my shop button above to browse the #clotheboxsubscription